Operation Lunch

Special Sandwich Delivery for Troops in Afghanistan

Last month, Master Sergeant Robert Bergmann of the Marine Aviation Logistics Squadron-40, Camp Bastion, emailed Sara Jenkins, New York chef and owner of the sandwich shop Porchetta, with an unusual request: “Is there any way you could make a delivery to 300 Marines in Afghanistan?” Jenkins contacted her meat purveyor, DeBragga and Spitler, who in turn contacted Niman Ranch—and both companies were happy to donate the meat. Jim Lahey at Sullivan St. Bakery provided ciabatta rolls. The National Pork Board also lent a hand, and DHL agreed to pay for the shipment of the sandwiches. Jenkins and her kitchen team cooked the pork, then froze it, and sent it to Afghanistan with reheating and assembly instructions. The sandwiches were a hit. Major Gerald A. Cummings emailed Jenkins with this thanks: “Americans like you are the reason we are here... you brightened our day, taught our taste buds a culinary lesson, and raised our pride in our country and the Americans supporting us.” And, said Bergmann, “Every Marine I talked to said it was the best meal they’ve had in 11 months.”