South Korea: THAAD Ready to Defend Against Pyongyang’s Missiles

A South Korean official says a U.S. arsenal system is set up and ready to defend against missiles launched from North Korea. Moon Sang Gyun, a spokesman for South Korea’s Defense Ministry, said Tuesday the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense system now has “early capability” to react to any threat from North Korea, which has stepped up its threats of a nuclear or missile launch in recent weeks. The system, based on a golf course property in Seongju, has been criticized by China, which says it believes it will escalate tensions in the region. Local residents also protested the system, saying it may cause health risks or make the area a target for Pyongyang’s missiles. The move comes after the U.S. Embassy in Seoul confirmed that CIA Director Mike Pompeo visited South Korea on Monday, amid fears of a showdown between Pyongyang and Washington, and after a stark warning from President Trump last week that a “major” war in the region is possible.