Source: Ronni Chasen’s Killing Was Planned

Police are investigating whether publicist Ronni Chasen’s death may have been planned in advance, a source told The Hollywood Reporter Thursday. Earlier theories had been that Chasen, shot to death at the corner of Sunset Boulevard and Whittier Drive in Beverly Hills, was the target of a carjacking or a victim of road rage. It’s still unclear, however, whether Chasen was the intended target or why she would be targeted. The source also said police have obtained video footage from at least one security camera at the estate of the late comedian Buddy Hackett. The Beverly Hills Police Department is also seeking additional footage from other homes in the area. The red-light camera at the intersection of Sunset and Whittier did not capture any image of the incident, the source said, because it took place right after Chasen made a left turn. Police have yet to reveal any suspects in the case.