Soldier: Prince Harry Saved Me From Homophobic Attack

A gay soldier in Prince Harry’s infantry division said that the royal soldier saved him from a homophobic attack in 2008, according to an excerpt in Britain’s Daily Mail. Trooper James Wharton said six soldiers threatened to beat him up after he bragged about “scoring” with a fellow soldier while they were on tour in Canada. According to Wharton, Harry told him, “Right. I’m going to sort this s--t out once and for all,” before confronting the soldiers. Wharton writes that Harry returned 10 minutes later and said the problem had been “sorted” and he told the soldiers to “back the f--k off.” Wharton writes that Harry insisted “our press people” told him he was a gay icon, and asked, “Is it because I’m a f--king ginger?” Oh, Harry, if you need a self-esteem boost, just go back to Capitol Hill.