Snow to Crush D.C.—Again

The fourth massive snowstorm neared Washington, D.C., Tuesday night, forcing the home of the most powerful man on Earth to have a little humility. The forecast calls for another foot of snow—after 30 inches this weekend—and gale-force winds. Trees and power lines will likely bite the dust, and salt is running short in the city. Federal offices and schools will be closed for a third day in a row for the first time since 1996, and Washingtonians are starting to feel sullen, bombarded, and winter-weary, The Washington Post reports. Some are still trapped in their homes, and will likely have to stay there after another blanket of snow. "There is no city or county government that is geared up to move all of this snow,” Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley lamented, pleading for patience. "It feels like it's been a week, but it's only been, like, three or four days," said one local, who was forced to flee to a hotel and then friends’ homes with his family after his own home lost power and the temperature dropped to the 40s inside.