Storm Watch

Snow Storm Pummels West

Yet another storm wreaking havoc on the U.S. may lead to some less-than-happy New Year's celebrations. Around 100 cars were involved in a massive traffic accident north of Fargo, North Dakota, Thursday—causing hours-long delays and bad conditions for emergency vehicles—though North Dakota troopers reported no life-threatening injuries. The accident was one of many caused by a severe winter storm traveling through the western U.S., from Arizona all the way north. Phoenix's outskirts saw a wintry mix of precipitation, while heavy rain in Las Vegas caused travel delays, and major highways were shut down in parts of New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, and Nevada. On I-94 in Fargo, freezing rain prevented many drivers from seeing more than 10 feet ahead of them—thus causing them to run smack into the accident. Witness Curtis Nordick said he saw a semi-tractor trailer and a pickup truck collide, and described the whole accident as “a little surreal.”