SNL Rookie Will Keep Her Job

The fresh new face of Saturday Night Live dropped a big “F” bomb on the sketch-comedy show’s live season premiere on Saturday night, but she won’t be fired, according to US Magazine. Hosted by Megan Fox, the episode featured the newbie, Jenny Slate, 27, expressing herself through pseudo-swear words like “freakin’.” Later in the sketch, however, things got more serious: "You know what? You stood up for yourself, and I fucking love you for that," Slate said. Although the original word was projected straight to TV screens on the East Coast, the network had time to replace it with another “freakin’” by the time the show made it to the West Coast. Executives apparently called a meeting after the show to discuss the slip-up, NBC spokeswoman Sharon Pannozzo said, "[There is] no truth to firing conjecture. … She will not be fired." Slate’s f-word dropped after prime time at 12:40 a.m., which means neither the show nor the network will have to pay FCC fines.