Smart Car Goes 'Against Dumb'

Black Friday, the day that portends the start of the holiday shopping season, is just weeks away but smart USA wants Americans to rethink how much stuff they buy and consume. The company is attempting to create an anti-overconsumption movement with its "against dumb" campaign. Using online marketing and social media, smart USA is encouraging fans of the brand to recognize and report instances of "dumb" overconsumption. Participants can submit examples to smart's Facebook page for inclusion in an upcoming video. "Smart is Against Dumb because smart is the perfect response to a large number of pressing transportation issues, enabling everyone to live unburdened and free to take advantage of all that life has to offer," says Kim McGill, vice president of marketing and advertising for smart USA. "Smart has been against dumb for a long time, and has long since become a cult car in many cities around the world for setting new standards in innovative cars and transportation with the incorporation of new technical features and breakthrough design."