Sleeping Yankees Fan Sues ESPN for $10M

There are frivolous lawsuits, and then there’s this. A New York Yankees fan caught sleeping by ESPN during a game is suing the sports channel for defamation and wants $10 million. Last week, Andrew Rector filed a suit in the Bronx Supreme Court claiming that ESPN sportscasters Dan Shulman and John Kruk made offensive remarks while he was napping during the game. As a result, he has “suffered substantial injury” to his “character and reputation.” The suit alleges that Shulman and Kruk made “false statements” that suggested Rector is “a confused individual that neither understands nor knows anything about history and the meaning of rivalry between Red Sox and New York Yankees.” The suit apparently has a number of typos, but still manages to name Major League Baseball as defendant. In case you couldn’t guess it, Rector is a used-car salesman.