Simon Cowell's New Girlfriend

Who could possibly melt the icy sarcasm of Simon Cowell's heart? Meet Mezhgan Hussainy, a soap-opera actress turned makeup artist, who has finally appeared with Cowell in public, despite dating him in secrecy for months, according to The Daily Mail. Hussainy, 36, fled Afghanistan with her family in 1981 because her parents didn't want the Taliban to draft her three brothers into the army. Hussainy acted in Sunset Beach and The Bold and the Beautiful before heading backstage to do makeup. The couple got together last March on the set of American Idol, breaking up her relationship with her then-boyfriend. According to an unnamed inside source, Hussainy is "down to earth and not in the least bit starstruck" by Cowell. She reportedly calls him "a piece of cake" whose "bark is much bigger than his bite."