Tiger Beat

Shirtless Tiger in Vanity Fair

Tiger Beat, indeed: Vanity Fair has printed new shirtless photographs of Tiger Woods by Annie Leibovitz with an accompanying article by Buzz Bissinger. Woods' downfall, Bissinger says, wasn't the 14 alleged mistresses or rumored link to Anthony Galea, a doctor charged with trying to smuggle an unapproved performance-enhancing drug into the U.S.; it was his hubris. Everything Woods did was pre-planned—from his words to his wardrobe—thanks to the careful handling of International Management Group's Mark Steinberg. There was, once, an early sign of the Tiger we've now seen: In a GQ article, the then-21-year-old golfer revealed his crudely candid side—joking about women liking athletes because "black guys have big dicks" and girl-on-girl sexual positions. Bizzinger says "his endorsement career is almost certainly over" and "going forward, it is impossible to trust the motives of Woods on anything."