Shia LaBeouf Relased From Jail

Attention-starved Shia LaBeouf was arrested Thursday night at a Broadway theater after he lit up a cigarette while sitting the audience and also disrupted the show. He was released on Friday released from police custody and appeared in court wearing a ripped shirt. He declined to talk to the press. LaBeouf was arrested on charges of disorderly conduct, criminal trespass and harassment at Cabaret. The police say that security guards asked LaBeouf to leave the Studio 54 theater but he would not, used obscene language, physically messed with employees, and made threats to security guards and police officers. The incident comes after the actor had a performance art show in Los Angeles titled #IAMSORRY where he apologizes for his misdeeds while wearing a paper bag on his head. LaBeouf also was called out last year for plagiarizing in his screenplays.