Sherlock Pulp

What would Watson say? Sherlock Holmes has resurfaced like you’ve never seen him before. The detective has been “playfully repackaged” in a new pulp book, The Valley of Fear, to be published by Hard Case Crime—and authored by “AC Doyle.” The book opens with Holmes investigating a brutal murder, and reads, according to the publisher, a bit like Dashiell Hammett. According to Charles Ardai at Hard Case Crime, “This is the tradition we wanted to revive with our edition of The Valley of Fear—presenting something 'good for you' in 'bad for you' garb.” He continued, "We chose Conan Doyle precisely because he does seem miles away from what we usually do—part of the goal was to startle readers with the apparent disconnect between the style of the art and the work being presented." The cover features a scantily clad, buxom blonde with the “V” in Valley, falling, er, in a anatomically advantageous spot. But according to Ardai, the placement was “just a serendipitous accident.”