Sharpton Rally Lashes Out at Beck

The Rev. Al Sharpton led a march from northwest Washington, D.C., to the National Mall Saturday in a protest against Glenn Beck’s “Restoring Honor” Tea Party rally, held on the 47th anniversary of Martin Luther King, Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” speech. Beck said he didn’t pick the date of his event for that reason, but embraced the coincidence, saying his movement was reclaiming civil rights. Jaime Contreras, a union president and counter-protest speaker, said, "Shame on them. We still have a dream. We are here to let those folks on the Mall know that they don't represent the dream... They represent hate-mongering and angry white people. The happy white people are here today." Education Secretary Arne Duncan urged parents to turn off the TV and teachers to stop "making excuses," because education is the key civil rights issue of today.