Too Hot for TV

Sexy Pam Anderson Ad Censored

Pamela Anderson has never been known for subtlety. A racy new ad for PETA has CNN pulling the former Playboy Playmate from its Airport Network, citing concerns that “children make up part of the demographic in airports.” In the ad, Anderson plays a sexy airport security guard who screens travelers for animal products. She crouches in front of a muscle-bound man and rips his leather belt off, then pulls his pants down. A nude couple passes through security with a smiling wave from Pamela, but a fur-coat-wearing, Ugg-boot-clad woman is dragged away in handcuffs while a chagrined Andy Dick looks on. The tagline: “Cruelty Doesn’t Fly.” Originally scheduled for use in 48 U.S. airports, the ad lives now on YouTube.