Sexism, Racism at N.Y. Post?

Sandra Guzman, a former editor at the New York Post who was fired in October, filed a complaint in federal court on Tuesday alleging systematic racism and sexism at the paper. Guzman says that Editor in Chief Col Allan, an Australian journalist who has run the tabloid since 2001, showed her and three other female employees a "picture of a naked man lewdly and openly displaying his penis" on his BlackBerry, asking them "What do you think of this?" The lawsuit also alleges that Allan rubbed his penis against a female employee at a party, and that a senior editor offered a young female employee a promotion in exchange for oral sex. Guzman also claims that News Corp. Senior Vice President Les Goodstein gave her the sobriquet "Cha Cha #1," while some Post editors would sing snatches of West Side Story to her as she walked by their offices. Guzman was fired last month; according to the tabloid, ad sales in the section she edited, Tempo, were down, but others have alleged that Guzman was fired for objecting to a controversial cartoon by Sean Delonas.