Seven Key Dems Vow to Vote 'Yes'

A lot can change in a day: As of Friday evening, seven wavering Democrats have pledged to vote in favor of the Senate health-care bill on Sunday, Talking Points Memo and others report. Among the converts, four lawmakers who voted against the House health-care bill in November: Rep. Allen Boyd (one of the House's most conservative Democrats), Rep. John Boccieri, Rep. Suzanne Kosmas, and Rep. Scott Murphy. In addition, Rep. Brad Ellsworth, who'd held out because of his stance on abortion, vowed to vote for the bill Friday, too. The new votes bring House Speaker Nancy Pelosi close to the 216 count she needs for the bill to pass. "It's looking good," she told reporters. Fox News has even announced that she's reached this magic number, with Kosmas' support.