In Custody

Serial Stabber Elias Abuelazam Arrested

A “person of interest” has been taken into custody in the case of stabbings of 15 men in Michigan, Virginia, and Ohio. Police believe the attacks, almost all of which have targeted dark-skinned victims, are racially motivated. The man was captured at Atlanta’s airport as he was readying to board a flight to Tel Aviv. The person has ties to Flint, Michigan, and Leesburg, Virginia, where some of the stabbings took place, but the man is being held on unrelated charges. Five men were killed in the stabbings case, and 10 more were injured. Witnesses say a tall, muscular white man would approach men asking for directions before stabbing them, other times he would say nothing and attack victims from behind. One attack was recorded by a security camera, giving police images of the attacker and his truck.