Senior ISIS Commander Killed in Afghanistan During Raid

A top ISIS commander was killed by U.S. troops during a recent raid in Afghanistan, American officials confirmed on Saturday. Khetab Emir was killed in the Jan. 10 raid in an eastern area of Nangarhar province, according to Reuters. Emir, who had multiple aliases, “facilitated high-profile attacks.” He also supplied ISIS fighters with weapons and explosives components, as well as weapons, officials reportedly said. “His removal helps protect innocent Afghans from future Islamic State violence and weakens their presence in Nangarhar,” said Lt. Ubon Mendie, a spokesman for U.S. forces in Afghanistan. ISIS forces have secured a stronghold near the country’s border with Pakistan over the past several years. The militant group has been active in the region since 2015, battling Afghan and foreign forces, as well as the Taliban, Reuters notes.