Senior DOJ Official Allowed to Retire After Sexually Assaulting Subordinate: IG Report

A senior Department of Justice official was found by the department’s Inspector General to have sexually harassed multiple female subordinates and to have sexually assaulted one of them but was not criminally prosecuted, according to a newly released OIG report. According to an investigative summary of the report, the OIG “substantiated” at least four instances of sexual harassment by the unnamed senior Office of Justice Programs official. The investigation is also said to have found that he sexually assaulted one female subordinate he'd subjected to harassment and coerced more than one subordinate to have sex with him. In one instance, the official allegedly pressured an employee to have sex with him in exchange for a promotion. In addition, the senior official was found to have maintained a “long term sexual relationship” with a subordinate during the same period he was responsible for approving her “performance evaluations and promotions.” The IG concluded that the official’s actions amounted to “ethical misconduct, sexual harassment, and sexual assault, all in violation of law.” But “criminal prosecution” of the official was ultimately “declined” and he retired from his position, according to the report. No further details were available on why criminal charges were not pursued.