Ft. Hood

Senators Subpoena Obama Administration

In a rare move, Senators Joseph Lieberman and Susan Collins have subpoenaed the Justice Department and the Pentagon for documents relating to the November Fort Hood shooting, allegedly done by Army Maj. Nidal Hasan. The pair are the chairman and ranking member of the Homeland Security Committee, and they’ve given the Obama administration until April 27 to hand over the documents or face a vote to seek a court order for their release. They want to find out what the government knew about Hasan before the shooting and what steps, if any, the feds took to prevent it. The documents in question include Hasan’s alleged communications with suspected terrorists, Hasan’s personnel file, performance evaluations, and an annex—labeled confidential—to a report on the shootings issued by the Pentagon in January. The government says releasing the information could compromise Hasan’s prosecution.