Senators Reach Deal on Stimulus

After a long day on Capitol Hill featuring stimulus bill rewrites, heated exchanges, and frustration on both sides of the aisle, senators agreed on a $780 billion version of the stimulus and will vote formally some time this weekend. The day began with the announcement that nearly 600,000 US jobs disappeared in January. By morning, a memorandum circulated the Senate detailing proposed stimulus compromises including cuts on Head Start, public schools, and food stamps. Midday, an impatient Obama called GOP efforts to slow the bill "inexcusable and irresponsible." Meanwhile, the press criticized compromises and indecision: NYT's Nicholas Kristof accused the Senate of "throwing schools out the window" while The Washington Post's Steven Pearlstein suggested the stimulus appropriate cash towards improving America's economic literacy and listed the senators who need it most. The next hurdle for the agreed-upon bill is the House of Representatives, where congressmen still need to approve the changes.