Senator Calls Graham a ‘Bro With No Ho’

Sen. Mark Kirk was caught by a hot mic referring to Republican presidential candidate and Sen. Lindsey Graham as a “bro with no ho” on Thursday. You can hear Kirk softly whisper his joke in audio provided by The Huffington Post’s Sam Stein during a committee meeting. “I’ve been joking with Lindsey,” the Illinois Republican says. “Did you see that? He’s going to have a rotating first lady. He’s a bro with no ho.” The last lifelong single man to become president was James Buchanan in 1857. Graham has for years been the subject of rumors about his sexuality. Last year, one of his primary challengers outright accused him of being “ambiguously gay.” But Graham has a sense of humor about it. “I’ve got a lot of friends. We’ll have a rotating first lady,” Graham told the Daily Mail.