Security Increase in D.C., New York

Officials at Dulles International Airport near Washington evacuated an area around a cargo container and several gates in one of the concourses for several hours Saturday evening after finding a suspicious item. The item was found on Saturday afternoon, and members of the Virginia state explosive ordinance disposal team are investigating the situation, according to a spokesman. Two outbound flights were delayed as a result of the search. But there have been no arrests, and investigators said it is unclear whether the terror threat announced earlier in the week is real. Authorities said Saturday that there was no evidence to support an earlier intelligence tip that three suspected terrorists entered the U.S. to execute a car-bomb attack on the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. A sweeping security effort is in effect in New York. Plans for the heightened security stretch back at least to May, when a notebook filled with Osama bin Laden’s musings about a possible terror strike on the anniversary of the attacks was discovered after he was killed.