Second Rock Slide in Two Days at Yosemite Leaves One Injured

One person was injured by a falling rock at Yosemite National Park on Thursday, just a day after another park visitor was killed by a massive slab of crumbling granite. The injured person was taken to a hospital, though no details on his condition have been released. Witnesses said the entire valley was full of white cloudy dust after the latest rock slide on the El Capitan rock formation. “It was in the same location of the previous rock fall. A larger rock fall let loose, easily three times the size,” climber Ryan Sheridan told the Associated Press. Authorities identified the man killed in Wednesday’s rock fall as 32-year-old Andrew Foster of Wales. His wife remained hospitalized Thursday as news of the second incident broke. Park officials have re-routed roads around El Capitan in light of the latest rock slide, though roads inside the park have remained open.