True Crime

Search Crews Discover Child’s Prosthetic Leg

Search crews Wednesday found a prosthetic leg they said could belong to Zahra Baker, a 10-year-old North Carolina girl who’s been missing for almost three weeks and is presumed dead. Authorities found the leg—as well as additional evidence that they didn’t name—in a wooded area a few miles from her stepmother’s house. Her stepmother, Elisa Baker, has been charged with obstruction of justice after allegedly writing a phony ransom note. Meanwhile, Zahra’s father, Adam Baker, was arrested this week on unrelated charges of assault and writing bad checks. Zahra used a prosthetic leg after she lost one of her legs to bone cancer when she was five. The girl was reported missing on Oct. 9, but police said nobody except for her father and stepmother reported seeing her alive since Sept. 25.