Oh No!

Sean Lennon Defends Re-created Photo of His Parents

Sean Lennon received some negative feedback after photos of him recreating the iconic Annie Leibovitz image of a naked John Lennon and Yoko Ono hit the Web last week. But now, the Beatles scion is explaining why he dared to remake a masterpiece with the help of his model girlfriend Kemp Muhl and photographer Terry Richardson, who shot the image for the fall issue of Purple magazine. “We were in bed. We kind of thought that it would be funny if she just rolled over and did that shot,” Lennon told New York magazine. “It was not set up at all.” Though he admits that the public criticism “hurt [his] feelings,” the musician said his mom, Ono, liked the picture and isn’t too concerned with Leibovitz’ opinion. “I can't imagine that she would care,” he said allusively of the photographer’s financial woes. “She seems to have other things on her mind these days.”