Scrapped Trump Animated TV Show’s Illustrations Released

A scrapped cartoon about Donald Trump as a superhero, developed by Trump Magazine, nearly made it to the airwaves, according to a Fusion report on Tuesday. The 2006 unreleased project featured characters, including an animated Donald Trump who saves the country—and the world—from political correctness and “a global financial conspiracy.” The tentatively titled Trump Takeover would’ve featured The Donald and his Apprentice team in Washington, D.C., among other settings. The idea was developed by Mitchell Schultz, a former New Yorker who wanted “to create immortality for Donald Trump... through the youth of America.” The United States of Trump Takeover was “in a state of virtual collapse,” according to notes for the show. The real-estate mogul solves New York's gang problems and wears a costume, illustrations reveal. The show was ultimately scrapped, but the planning images survived and were given to Fusion.