Scott Baio ‘Absolutely’ Denies Co-Star’s Sex-Abuse Allegations

Actor Scott Baio continued to adamantly deny sexual-abuse claims made by his former co-star Nicole Eggert, in a Good Morning America interview Wednesday. He admitted to having one sexual encounter with Eggert after she turned 18—although Eggert has alleged in previous interviews that she had sexual relations with Baio at the age of 17. New allegations from Eggert claim that she was lying in prior interviews “out of shame,” and actually started having sexual relations with Baio when she was just 14 years old. Baio pointed to Eggert’s inconsistencies as evidence of lying, and said the actress is someone “who makes things up” and that parents, families, and producers were on the set and make such an incident “impossible.” Baio and Eggert both starred in the 198os series Charles in Charge.