Between the Lines

Schwarzenegger's X-Rated Acrostic

Speak softly and carry an acrostic? San Francisco assemblyman Tom Ammiano told Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger to "kiss my gay ass" early this month—and now, he says the governator has retaliated with an X-rated message encoded into a personal note. Schwarzenegger's office sent Ammiano a note explaining why the governor was putting the kibosh on a bill to finance the Port of San Francisco, but Ammiano's staff says the peculiarly worded note is meant to be read as an acrostic. The first letter of each line stacks up to read "I FUCK YOU." Schwarzenegger's press secretary calls it a "weird coincidence." For his part, Ammiano seems amused rather than offended by Schwarzenegger's message: "I think it was very creative, and it's time to bury the hatchet." Ammiano made his "gay ass" comment verbally at a Democratic Party function on October 7 where he accused the governor of passing over gay rights and cutting social services.