Bad Tempers

Schumer Cusses Out Flight Attendant

Perhaps Chuck Schumer should look into a private jet? The senator from New York was overheard by a Republican aide on a flight from New York to Washington calling a flight attendant a “bitch” after she asked him to turn off his cellphone before takeoff. Schumer turned off his phone when asked, but then argued with the flight attendant about the rule, saying he had a right to use it until the cabin door was closed. After she walked away, Schumer turned to New York’s other senator, Kirsten Gillibrand, and used the epithet. “The senator made an off-the-cuff comment under his breath that he shouldn’t have made, and he regrets it," said a spokesman for Schumer. After Schumer hung up, his phone apparently rang again. “It’s Harry Reid calling,” the GOP aide quoted Schumer as saying. “I guess health care will have to wait until we land.”