School Notified Nikolas Cruz Thought About Shooting One Year Before Parkland: Classmate

Administrators at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School were notified that Nikolas Cruz had talked about shooting up the school about a year before he killed 17 people earlier this year, The Miami Herald reports. A former classmate of Cruz’ reportedly told police in a sworn statement that she and her boyfriend saw Cruz attempting to buy a gun at a Walmart, with Cruz then claiming he arranged to buy a gun from someone who was supposed to leave it in the bushes. The girl also told police that Cruz told her boyfriend that he wanted to shoot up the school three weeks after the Walmart incident. She claimed her boyfriend subsequently warned the school. The father of the young woman’s boyfriend told the newspaper it was actually the boyfriend’s younger brother who alerted school officials about Cruz. He said Cruz introduced himself to his younger son by saying he was “crazy and liked to hurt people.” The father also told the newspaper his younger son noted that Cruz “liked looking up guns on the school computers” and would mimic shooting down birds. After his younger son reported Cruz, the father told the newspaper the school said “there was actions being taken against him and not to worry.”