School Bus Driver Shot in Head During Road Rage Incident

A Minnesota school bus driver was shot in the head in a road rage attack while a student was still on his bus. The shooting occurred after a minor crash on a snowy road near Minneapolis on Tuesday. According to witnesses and police, a small bus and another vehicle pulled off to the shoulder of the road after the crash, and the suspect, who was identified as 31-year-old Kenneth Lilly, got out of his vehicle and began firing several rounds at the bus, one of which hit the driver. A student seated in the back of the bus was not hit. The driver was taken to the hospital where he underwent surgery, but police say he was able to talk with officers after the operation. “This raises immense concern on so many levels,” said Minneapolis Police Spokesperson John Elder. “The fact that someone is shooting into a school bus, the fact that you’re on a freeway where you have vehicles that are literally stranded because of the weather... This is mind numbing.” State Patrol have taken Lilly into custody for the shooting. An investigation is ongoing.