Sarah Palin’s Shopping Spree, the Sequel

Remember when Sarah Palin spent $150,000 of the RNC’s money on her wardrobe? That was hilarious, and it gets even better: She said she was going to donate that clothing to charity, but Vanity Fair’s Michael Joseph Gross says she ended up keeping much of it. “My family was never told that all must be returned,” she fumed in an email to aides two days after the story about her spending surfaced. “Do they want the nylons and other things that are pretty worn, returned?” she asked, apparently asking an aide in person, “Do they really want my dirty undergarments?” When she returned to Alaska after the election, she was directing aides to look for clothing items she wanted to keep: “Remember the five black leather Flyers bags w sweatshirts and jerseys and Flyers propaganda in each bag? Anyone know where they ended up?” One of the aides who was sent to Alaska to retrieve the clothing says, “All of a sudden, she couldn’t find stuff.”