Sarah Palin's Alaska's Ratings Rise

No one can argue that Sarah Palin can’t pull out some surprises. The former Alaska governor’s reality show, Sarah Palin’s Alaska revived itself in the ratings Sunday night, drawing in 3.5 million viewers, 17 percent more than the previous week. The TLC show lost 40 percent of its viewers between its premiere episode on November 14th, when it drew in a network record of 5 million viewers, and the November 21st episode. The show’s bounceback on Sunday night breaks the mold—usually when a show loses a large number of viewers between the first and second weeks, it loses some more on the third episode. Some speculated the ratings rise could have been due to weaker competition at the end of the holiday weekend—ABC had broadcasted the Country Music Awards the previous week. The real ratings juggernaut will come in two weeks, when TLC star Kate Gosselin visits the show.