Fear Rick’s Vest

Santorum’s Sweater Vest Goes Viral

Rick Santorum will garner plenty of media attention for his unexpected surge in the Iowa caucuses, but his now-signature sweater vest may have already stolen his spotlight. Santorum’s vest even has it is own Twitter account, @FearRicksVest, inspired by a comment he made yesterday about climbing the polls after attending Mike Huckabee’s anti-abortion forum in Iowa two weeks ago. Santorum admitted that he spoke well at the event while wearing his lucky garment. “So all of a sudden the sweater vest was like, ‘Fear the vest,’” Santorum told radio host Laura Ingraham. The sweater appears to be gaining him points. On Fox News Tuesday morning, Ingraham said that “people find it endearing; they kind of like it.” In fact, the vest is so popular it has its own Facebook page, Tumblr, and a music video called “Sleeves Slow Me Down”—a series of clips of Santorum sporting the grandfatherly garment.