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Sanford Vacationed on State’s Dime

This is really not Mark Sanford’s year. After the beleaguered governor was caught in an embarrassing affair with his Argentinean mistress, few thought it could get worse. Last week, however, his wife announced she was leaving the governor’s mansion after the couple failed to repair their marriage. And now there are reports that the South Carolina governor improperly used state aircraft for personal and political trips—often carting around his wife and children—in violation of state law. An AP investigation shows the Republican governor took trips to his children’s sporting events, hair appointments, and a birthday party for a campaign donor. Three years ago, a plane picked up Sanford in Myrtle Beach (to the tune of $1,265)—but his only engagement appeared to be “personal time” at a discount hair salon. Even worse—the governor is known for being overtly thrifty while in office, making his jet-setting look the teensiest bit hypocritical.