Sandra Fluke Announces Engagement

The Daily Beast has learned exclusively that Sandra Fluke, the law student made famous by Rush Limbaugh calling her a “slut” on his radio show earlier this year, is engaged. Fluke’s fiancé is Adam Mutterperl, a Los Angeles-based comedy writer and producer. Many conservative commentators have noted that Mutterperl’s father is William Mutterperl, a major donor to the Democratic Party. Limbaugh, meanwhile, mentioned Fluke again on his show again Tuesday, accusing Fluke of “coordinating” with President Obama to “scare students about the interest rates on their loans.” Fluke and Mutterperl told The Daily Beast exclusively that, "having dated for over eight years, we're just excited that our friends and family were kind enough to pretend to be surprised at our engagement. We're really looking forward to spending the next eight years planning our wedding." They plan to settle in Los Angeles after Fluke finishes at Georgetown Law School.