Sandra Bland Family Gets $1.9M Settlement

Sandra Bland's mother will receive a $1.9 million settlement in her daughter's wrongful death case, a federal judge ruled Tuesday. The settlement between Bland's family and Waller County officials was agreed upon in September, but not approved by a judge until this week. Bland was found dead in Waller County, Texas jail cell of apparent suicide in July 2015. Her death drew national attention after dash camera footage revealed a dispute with state trooper Brian Encinia. Encinia pulled over Bland after she failed to signal a lane change. But the stop grew confrontational, after Bland refused to exit the car. Encinia ordered her out, forcing her to the ground where he arrested her. Bland was found hanging in a jail cell three days later. Activists pointed to Bland's death as an example of police violence against African-Americans. Encinia was later fired from the department and is currently facing perjury charges relating to his handling of Bland's case.