Sam Nunberg: I Assume Democrats Will Try to Impeach Trump After This Roger Stone Indictment

Former Trump staffer Sam Nunberg told The Daily Beast Friday that Democrats could move to introduce articles of impeachment against President Trump given Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s bombshell Friday indictment against Roger Stone. “If they’re getting him on witness tampering and things like that, I assume Democrats are going to put down articles of impeachment over Trump,” Nunberg said. “The conduct by Roger is similar to the conduct that Trump does.” His comments come just hours after Mueller indicted Stone, and FBI agents arrested the longtime Trump adviser outside his Fort Lauderdale home. The indictment accuses Stone of seven counts, including obstruction of justice, false statements, and witness-tampering. Nunberg, who worked on the Trump campaign for a short time before being fired, was a protege of Stone’s for a time. But when Nunberg began cooperating with the Mueller probe, relations soured between the pair, with Stone going as far as labeling him a rat and a snitch on Instagram.