Salvation Army Tin Nets $10K Check

An anonymous donor slipped a $10,000 check into the Salvation Army tin in Menlo Park, Calif., on Friday—only days after another anonymous patron dropped a $5,000 check in. A Salvation Army representative for the Redwood City Corps, the area’s branch, called the donations “a tremendous blessing” and noted that they are especially helpful due to budget cuts this year and the hard times in the economy. Before the two checks totaling $15,000, the largest donation in Redwood City Corps was $1,000. Other examples of Salvation Army kindness included a diamond-and-sapphire ring worth $2,000 tucked inside a $50 bill. In Green Bay, Wis., an anonymous donor slipped in a rare American Eagle gold coin worth $1,600—so rare that the Salvation Army representative had to check to make sure it was real.