Salahis: We Didn't Crash the Party

Appearing on Today after causing a stir in Washington, D.C. by appearing uninvited at last week's White House State Dinner, Tareq and Michaele Salahi said the incident was "the most devastating thing that ever happened to us," and implied, in the words of Matt Lauer, that "the story is about to take a dramatic and unexpected turn." Calling themselves "greatly saddened," the Salahis were adamant that they "did not party-crash the White House." The couple said they were cooperating fully with the Secret Service's internal investigation and that "the truth will soon come out." The interview came on the same day as revelations that the two had unsuccessfully attempted to finagle invitations from a Pentagon source, and two days before a congressional hearing into the incident, at which the Salahis have been asked to testify.