Sailor Discharged for Sleeping With Man

The repeal of Don't Ask Don't Tell isn't implemented yet, but we may be getting a preview of the sort of tactics gay rights groups worry will take its place. Navy Petty Officer Stephen Jones was found asleep in the same bed with another male sailor, but the Navy isn't discharging him over Don't Ask Don't Tell, which because of the repeal would result in a high-level review. It's discharging him for “willful failure to exhibit professional conduct.” "Here is the classic text book case of trumping up charges and exaggerating an event to try to punish someone,” said Alex Nicholson, executive director of Servicemembers United, the nation's largest organization of gay and lesbian servicemembers. Jones says he and the other sailor were watching television together and fully clothed, and would not comment on his sexual orientation. The Navy denies Jones' discharge has anything to do with the suspicion of homosexual behavior.