S. Korea Sgt. Flagged for Mental Health

A South Korean solider went on a shooting spree on Saturday, killing five soldiers and injuring seven in his unit. The 22-year-old sergeant ran away with a K-2 rifle and approximately 60 bullets after the shooting, and he is still considered at large. The soldier, who has only been identified by his surname of Lim, was stationed near the border with North Kore. The rampage began after Lim had spent the previous six hours on vigilance duty at one of the outposts. He detonated a grenade and fired ten shots, which killed three, before going into the barracks and killing another two. South Korean officials are investigating what lead Lim to turn on his troops. A personality test from April 2013 revealed Lim was classified as in need of “ special attention” and unfit for general outpost duty. Although later tests rated him more mentally stable for combat, some South Koreans believe this murderous incident underscores mental health issues within their military.