S. Korea Seeks Captain's Arrest

Prosecutors in South Korea are currently pursuing an arrest warrant for the captain of the ferry that capsized on Wednesday after it was revealed that he was not at the helm during the incident. The capsized South Korean ferry with 270 missing is now completely underwater, and the death toll rose to 28 as of Friday morning. The vice principal of the high school where most of the missing came from was found hanged Friday in an apparent suicide. The principal had been rescued on one of the first boats. Divers and rescue works were able to breach the hull of the ferry and enter the second deck, but tough water conditions forced them to exit and they failed to find any more of the missing. “There are heavy currents in the area. So the vessel itself is not stable in the water. So you are, by default, putting divers at risk,” said a member of the U.S. Navy helping the search.