Ruth Madoff, Paparazzi Bait

A pesky side effect of spending your embezzled billions on mansions in the toniest places in the world: The paparazzi already know your neighborhood. Shortly after husband Bernie lost an appeal to temporarily leave jail, Ruth Madoff stepped out of the Upper East Side apartment she is attempting to save from the Feds for a little night shopping. Wool cap on her head and grocery list in hand, Ruth plucked American and Jarlsberg cheese from the racks at her local Food Emporium before expressing frustration with her photojournalistic entourage and storming out. "Oh, this is crazy, forget this!" she exclaimed, according to Page Six. She then switched tactics, to sarcasm: "Oh, very exciting, I went to the grocery store." With her $93 million in assets currently falling under Federal scrutiny, Ruth is unlikely to fly under the radar in any foreseeable future. Before this, Ruth's last known shopping trip was to a corner deli for cigars and the New York Post.