Russian Flag Hung From Salisbury Cathedral Nearly a Year After Novichok Poisoning

A Russian flag was hung from the side of the Salisbury Cathedral late Saturday ahead of the one-year anniversary of the nerve agent poisoning of ex-Russian spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia, The Sydney Morning-Herald reports. Workers removed the huge flag from the building early Sunday, and many British lawmakers were quick to condemn what one described as a “stupid stunt” that made light of the Novichok poisoning. The poisoning is widely believed to be the work of at least two (and possibly three) Russian GRU operatives, who once defended their presence in the city at the time of the Skripals’ poisoning by claiming that they had always wanted to see the famous cathedral. On Saturday, The Sunday Times reported that Skripal continues to suffer physical consequences from the chemical nerve agent, and that his condition has recently worsened.