Russian Commission: West Has Meddled in Elections Since 2011

The Russian Federation Council’s Commission on Protecting State Sovereignty and Preventing Foreign Interference claims that since 2011, “the United States and other Western countries have tried to stop Vladimir Putin from winning presidential elections,” according to Meduza. The report from the commission, which will reportedly be released at the end of the month, claims that Western governments have attempted to “divide” Putin’s administration, and discredit and “isolate” him. It also outlines 10 “different kinds of foreign meddling in Russia’s elections.” The commission claims these countries have promoted other candidates, “cyber-attack[ed]” the country’s “Central Elections Commission, and fund[ed] sociological surveys.” This comes after the same commission reportedly released an 86-page report on the United States’ history of “meddling in various countries’ domestic affairs over the past half century.”