Russia Implicated in NATO General's Email Hack

The same hackers who targeted Democratic National Committee emails may have also been responsible for a hack on a NATO general, a Hillary Clinton volunteer, and major Democrat donor George Soros. In early June, before Wikileaks published a series of damaging DNC emails, the website DCLeaks published emails and documents from former NATO commander U.S. General Philip Breedlove, among others. These leaks share characteristics of the hack on the DNC, security experts tell Bloomberg. Breedlove and a Clinton volunteer both had their emails leaked on DCLeaks after being targeted by what security experts believe to be the same Russian-based firm behind the DNC hack. The DCLeaks documents also place a heavy focus on leaks that concern U.S.-Russia relations.

U.S. intelligence has implicated the Russian government in the DNC hack. Security experts suggest the DCLeaks documents could have acted as an early test for how leaked DNC emails would be deployed, Bloomberg reports.