Russia Deports U.S. Man Accused of Wall Street Cyberattack

An American man accused of orchestrating the biggest ever cyberattack on Wall Street arrived in New York on Wednesday after a failed attempt to get asylum in Russia. The man, identified as Joshua Aaron, 32, arrived just in time for his first federal court hearing on Dec. 15, Radio Free Europe reported. Aaron is accused of working with two Israeli men to steal data from more than 100 million customers of major banks and companies. The office of Manhattan U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara alleges the three men then used that information to manipulate stocks and earn themselves millions. Bharara has described the gang’s activities as “securities fraud on cyber-steroids.” Aaron arrived in Russia in May 2015, and U.S. authorities issued an arrest warrant in July. Aaron reportedly applied for refugee status in Russia but was denied. He was subsequently held in a Moscow immigration detention facility since May for alleged migration violations.